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Norbert Kreuzer

In order to operate a higher education institution, leadership with strong higher education knowledge is a must. DMI has been partnering with Norbert Kreuzer, who will lead the operations of DMI. Mr. Kreuzer has extensive higher education leadership experience, as well as experience in the recording industry. He started as a successful recording engineer and producer in Europe in 1990, earning him two Platinum Record Awards in Germany. He ventured into higher education in 2003 and has worked for Full Sail University in Florida. Since then he has lead two creative career colleges as their Director – President/CEO: IPR – College of Creative Arts in Minneapolis, and the oldest recording school in the world, the Institute of Audio Research in New York City. Mr. Kreuzer has recently served on the Executive Committee as Treasurer on the board of the largest national accrediting agency ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges), which currently accredits over 600 post-secondary institutions with around 250,000 active students. He also serves on the board of Pathway College in Pasadena, California, making him an expert in all regulatory areas.


David “T.C.” Ellis

David “T.C.” Ellis, former recording artist with Warner Brothers Records, with collaboration of Paisley Park Enterprises, worked and toured with international artists such as Prince, George Clinton, Mavis Staples, and Tevin Campbell. He is the Founding Director of Studio 4 Enterprises, an educational services and management company. David started a professional recording studio in St. Paul, then recognized a need in the community and created High School for Recording Arts (HSRA), which received its charter in 1998. David is the Executive Producer of Another Level Records, where he oversaw the creation of numerous national recording projects featuring students from various programs around the country, as well as from London and Bosnia, in collaboration with the Whalen Family Foundation and the students of HSRA. David presented his education-centered vision and success at many institutions including at the Oxford Roundtable, Oxford University. Further, he forged relationships and/or started programs with Sweat Equity Enterprises, EdVisions, The Linda & Bill Gates Foundation, Coalition of Essential Schools, Black Alliance for Educational Options, Big Picture Company, Alternative High School Initiative, Executive Leadership Council, Youth Venture, and Media Arts Academy, and facilitated the replication of High School for Recording Arts in Los Angeles, California.


Tony Simmons

Tony Simmons, J.D., is the Executive Director of HSRA, and Vice President of Studio 4 Enterprises. He co-founded the first national student-operated record label, Another Level Records, and oversees a student-operated commercial radio/live video show. In addition to his duties overseeing the day to day program at HSRA, Tony continues to work with students in exploring the business of music and mentoring those involved in Another Level Records. Tony has served as board member and/or provided technical assistance to leading national school reform organizations as EdVisions, Inc., Black Alliance for Educational Options and the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools, Reaching At Promise Students Association (RAPSA) and Education Evolving.  He has spoken or presented at numerous conferences including the Oxford Roundtable, Oxford University, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, University of Illinois at Springfield, and Minnesota State University at Mankato.

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